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Long-term travel


Soul Travelers 3: A mother, father and young daughter have been traveling for a few years on a very low budget. Great blog, articles and resources on how to travel long-term, and also specifically with a family.

Married With Luggage: A long-term traveling couple that sold everything and headed off for a 3-year trip, which is now turning into an indefinitely-timed adventure. Great information on big-picture stuff related to long-term travel, including how to simplify your life, how to save money, and how to follow your dreams and grow as a person.

The Art of Non-Conformity: This website is a difficult one to categorize. It might often be described as self-help, or something cheesy like that, but I would put it under a brand new category called “helping change your perspective”. I don’t even know how to describe it; anything I say about it will make it sound weird.

The Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum: Anything you want to know about (what’s the cheapest way to get from Guayaguil, Ecuador, to Salvador, Brazil? What are some good hostels right on the break in Popoyo, Nicaragua?) you can just search on the Thorn Tree forum and be pretty much assured that someone has addressed it. If you’re concerned about the safety of an area you’re thinking of visiting, this is a better site to consult than the State Department travel advisory page; you’ll get facts and opinions from people who’ve actually been there.


Escape 101 by Dan Clements

Six Months Off by Hope Dlugozima

Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

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