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Because life’s short.

Because when we aren’t surfing, we’re wishing we were.

Because we want to try to become fluent in Spanish.

Because we want to see and explore different ways of living, not just the American/Canadian way.

Because it will be so cool to fill up our passport pages with stamps.

Because we love to eat different ethnic foods.

Because we love meeting and talking to new people.

Because we’re sick of surfing in cold water.

Because we want to take time off to write and take photos.

Because we need to satisfy our wanderlust.

Because we never want to regret not doing it.

Because we want to become better surfers.

Because we want to see what life is like for other people around the world.

Why not?

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  1. Ron Blair permalink
    September 30, 2011 10:29 pm


    We Love your List!!! Totally Inspiring! Your mom slipped me your SRT card recently and so we are wandering around your website. Sadly, we cannot find a photo of your beloved!! Can you remedy that for us!

    Great Blessings,

    The Fairfield Leprechauns (Ron Blair/Donna Colby)

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