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My first articles!

June 29, 2011

One of the schemes we’ve dreamed up is to try and write articles related to our interests during our trip. If we can make a little money as we go, great. If not, anything we get published would still be awesome as portfolio pieces and practice for our writing careers. We’d like to eventually do some surf-travel-related writing featuring our photos, for surf and travel publications.

Several weeks ago, I pitched my first article to Bootsnall, one of my go-to websites for great information and advice on long-term backpacking travel. The editor liked my pitch idea and told me to go ahead with it, so here’s the final version which was published on their website:

Another of my favorite informational/inspirational sites is Briefcase To Backpack. Sherry Ott and Michaela Potter, two of the masterminds behind the site, are super cool women who have found ways to base their lives around long-term travel. Their goal is to get a career break on every resume, through their website and their Meet Plan Go events. We attended their inaugural Meet Plan Go event in New York and found it incredibly helpful. I had the honor of contributing an article about our search for health insurance, to Briefcase To Backpack:

I’m enjoying writing and hope my lucky streak will continue to grow. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, I may just have a new career path!

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