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How much does it cost to surf round the world? — Month 2

December 8, 2011

ithThe second month has gone by so much faster than the first, probably because we’ve been moving around so much more and didn’t have the chance to get settled in some sort of apartment with kitchen.

Here’s how we are doing cumulatively so far:


We’re still under budget, although costs have crept up a little bit, what with us moving around a lot more than Month 1, and not having a kitchen to cook our own meals. We’ve still managed to cut costs by:

  • Filtering our own drinking water using the MSR Sweetwater Purifier water filter we bought to take on this trip. We hadn’t used it up until now, because when we were staying in the apartment in Puerto Escondido, those 5-gallon water cooler bottles were delivered to our place and they were only 5 pesos (40 centsan  US) per bottle. We started filtering tap water to use as drinking water here in Popoyo because 2-litre bottles cost $2 where we’re staying. So far, we’ve filtered eleven 2-litre bottles full of water in the past week, saving us $22. A large added bonus is not adding so many plastic bottles to the landfills! However, to tell the truth, we paid about $120 for the purifier and an extra water filter cartridge, so we’ll need to filter a lot more water to recoup that initial cost. Until we do, the savings is mainly in landfill space, which is good enough for us 🙂
  • Travelling by bus through the continent, instead of flying. This is a big money-saver in Central America, which is quite small and has an extensive, cheap bus network. We paid a total of $272 for both of us, including border crossing fees, and a night at a hotel in El Salvador for a stopover. A flight from Mexico City to Managua would have cost $1200 for both of us, plus additional surfboard bag fees, which can easily come out to an additional $300. Cheap overland travel is one of the big benefits of long-term travel.

Panama is next. We’re heading to the Bocas Del Toro area in peak season, so we’ll see if we’re able to keep on budget without having to resort to sleeping in shared dorms. We’re not above staying in dorms, but we’d prefer not to do it for longer than a few days. Many hostels we’ve contacted in Bastimentos (the island we want to stay on in Bocas) seem to be fully or mostly booked out of double rooms.

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  1. Wendy permalink
    December 8, 2011 5:16 pm

    This is great. I cannot remember if I mentioned that I’ll be in Nosara, Costa Rica over the Christmas break if you decide you’d like to swing on by!

    • December 8, 2011 5:27 pm

      I don’t think we’ll be passing by there, just through San Jose! How much time do you have off? Feel like dropping by Bastimentos? 🙂

  2. jscottk permalink
    December 8, 2011 6:15 pm

    Heres a money saving tip..Skip Bocca Del Torro all together…
    So many better places in Panama to go

    I hate that place..When we were there there was a pretty heavy crack problem. So many weird bad vibes, its like the worst West Indie attitude combined with a Cali Hippy trust fund feel..Add in the Older European rich white people and its ..Well..Lets say I wont be going back. Oh and we got Skunked. Be very careful surfing over the reefs, they are razor sharp and since the best break is in front of a literal garbage dump, cleanliness is hard to keep.

    If you run across a dude named Christian who runs a “Eco Hotel” at the end of the road. Tell him he still owes us $$, He will probably say, Oh yeah I guess I Bocca’ed on them.

    I really hope you can prove me wrong, I really do.

    • December 8, 2011 6:21 pm

      Hey Scott! What’s up, how are you? did you guys end up going to MX?
      When you were on Bocas, did you go to Bastimentos? we’ve heard good things about it.

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