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Adventures in Bodysurfing

January 2, 2012

Besides surfing, we’ve been bodysurfing, especially when the wind turns onshore and messes up the waves too much for surfing, or when we don’t feel like going too far and just want to play in the beachbreak near our hostel, that mostly closes out.

Bodysurfing is tons of fun; it’s also a great cardio workout — after only half an hour, I often feel like I’ve just run 3 miles. We do it with short fins on our feet (I like Da Fins), and the handplanes made and gifted to us by our friend Jon Wagner.

The fns give us extra kicking power to get into the waves earlier, and the handplanes create lift for our bodies once we get going on the wave face, so we can ride higher, longer and faster. They’re so much fun!!!

Here are a couple of poor videos  we took on our GoPro camera while we were bodysurfing the other day.

This past fall, we were lucky enough to be in New York for the premiere of the bodysurfing film Come Hell Or High Water by Keith Malloy:

Get out there and try bodysurfing. You’ll feel like a kid again!

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