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Goodbye Berenjenita, Hello Portugal

September 8, 2012

We caught a good-sized swell at Chicama before starting down south towards Lima to sell Berenjenita. The waves were long, fun and stacked to the horizon.

Juan and Giovana’s daughter Valeria is starting to surf. Imagine how good she’ll be if she keeps it up until she’s our age?!

After leaving Chicama, we stopped at a completely secluded point break to check it out, but since it was quite a bit further south and slightly more exposed than Chicama, the strong southwest swell meant that the waves were massive, around 15 to 18 feet! Too big for us to paddle out at an unknown spot with big rocks and not one other person out. We were sad to miss it, though, as it looked like under slightly smaller conditions, the waves would have been super fun.

We managed to sell Berenjenita on Sept. 5th!!! This is very bittersweet for us, since the timing couldn’t have worked out better (we wanted to sell her as close to the beginning of September as possible), but we also started to miss life in the Little Eggplant as soon as we realized we wouldn’t be having the same kind of travel experience once she was gone. However, we could not have found a better owner for her. Axel is a kayaker/climber/surfer from Colorado who is beginning a year-long South American road trip with Berenjenita. She’s in great hands!

Axel and his girlfriend Sarah

We’ve been spending the last few days preparing to leave this continent, running errands and eating one last time at all those places we love in Lima. Last night, we watched Peru’s latest World Cup Qualifier soccer game against Venezuela. Peru won 2-1 and is still in the running to make it to Brazil in 2014! There was a lot of cheering and yelling at our friend’s apartment. We also watched an awesome documentary called The Bus, courtesy of our fellow VW bus fan and friend Miguel. It’s a great ode to Berenjenita’s kin:

So it’s goodbye Little B, but hello Portugal, for us. Next week, we’re flying out to Lisbon and will be spending 5 or 6 weeks on the wave-rich coast of Ericeira. We’re pretty excited to experience another whole new culture, surf some awesome Portuguese point breaks, and meet up with some friends that we made back in Mexico, who live out there.

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  1. September 8, 2012 7:34 pm

    i’m jealous!!!

  2. Faith and Jon Magwood permalink
    September 8, 2012 11:35 pm

    fantastic Michael and Delphine. Enjoy! We loved Portugal but we went for totally different reasons. No surfing for us but we thoroughly enjoyed the culture, the people, and the countryside–not to mention the wine!! And the food!!

    Love reading your blog.

    Faith ad Jon

  3. The Langs permalink
    September 9, 2012 10:49 pm

    We will miss “LITTLE EGG PLANT” stories but we also look forward to your Portugal adventures.
    Your last story about the value of water being more than gold struck a cord with us during this hot and rainless summer.
    We ran out of water from our well 3 days in a row until we had 60mm of rain and we could relax from trying to dribble a little water on plants to keep them struggling until the rains came.
    You dont realize living next to 10 % of the worlds fresh water ( the Great Lakes) how important water is, let alone, running water. Now I may even worry about trying to salvage whats left of my back lawn.
    Be well and take care of yourselves.
    Ted and Elizabeth Lang

  4. Bryan Milne permalink
    September 11, 2012 11:41 am

    Love seeing the updates and great surf you guys! Your stories are so inspirational and awesome to be part of, if even just seeing your photos and reading your blog. Thanks for carrying the torch! I so wish I could be along for the adventure! Keep sending more photos of the waves please!!! Lots of love and light on your travels! BLESS

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