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Van for sale Sept 2012!

VW Kombi camper for sale in Lima, September 2012

We’re selling our beloved purple 1996 Brazilian-made Volkswagen Kombi converted for self-supported travel. 1600cc gas motor, rebuilt in June and running perfectly. It’s registered in Peru, with valid Peruvian plates and both technical revision and SOAT up to date. We’ve travelled incredibly happily for 6 months, driving through Peru — including through the Colca Canyon, Puno and Cusco — down to central Chile, and then north to Ecuador and have outfitted the Kombi for almost any climate or eventuality you may encounter while driving throughout South America.

It will be available in Lima, Peru as of September 1, 2012.

Buying a car in Peru is very simple for foreigners (even simpler than in Chile!) and we will walk you through the minimal red tape required for the transfer.

Traveling by VW Kombi in South America has two huge advantages:

1. Everywhere you go you’ll have instant friends who will want to talk about your beautiful vehicle, including the members of Kombi/Bug clubs in almost every city and town – and everyone will constantly amaze you with offers of places to camp, meals, and great advice.

2. It’s incredibly cheap and easy to run and repair a Kombi down here – parts and excellent mechanics are widely available.

Now on to the long list of things we’ve done to convert the Kombi:

• Ultra-comfortable bed to fit anyone up to 6’8” with custom foam mattress, pillows, two sets of cotton sheets, one cotton blanket and two feather comforters (for the mountains or late-season Patagonia).
• Two-burner stove with 5 kg propane tank
• Two door-mounted folding kitchen tables.
• A designated deep-cycle battery to power interior lights, fans and power inverter. We easily charged our laptop, cameras, phones, etc. using the system. The battery has a switch installed, to separate it from the main car battery when in use.
• Hidden, locking strong box bolted to floor in under-bed storage area, large enough to fit a laptop, cameras, etc.
• Removable Velcro bug nets on all windows and cabin doors.
• Extensive storage for food, tools and supplies.
• Roof rack with two gasoline cans (one 2.5 and one 5 gallon).
• Reflective window shields with Velcro attachments on all cabin windows for privacy and security, plus curtains for use when doors are open.
• Tarpaulin awning with poles to shelter cooking area (poles also mount to roof rack for excellent clothes drying).
• Foil-backed Thermolon foam insulation on ceiling to keep the interior cool in direct sunlight.

The Kombi also comes with the following supplies:

• 20 liter drinking water bottle with pump.
• Two LED lights and two 12V fans for use inside or outside, which plug into the cigarette lighter outlet.
• Cooking tools, including two pots, one frying pan, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, spatulas, ladle, wooden spoon, French coffee press, pepper grinder, kitchen knife, and a good collection of spices and cooking supplies to get you started.
• Solar shower, which can mount on one of the awning poles for use.
• Two foldable camping chairs.
• A small machete, which is excellent for bushwhacking, security and digging field toilets.
• A good collection of tools, including a Craftsman socket set, screwdrivers, wrench, multimeter to monitor battery, hydraulic floor jack, tire wrench, tow strap, jumper cables and safety reflectors.
• Two VW Kombi manuals, including the owner’s manual and a Spanish-language repair manual.
• A number of spare parts for the motor, including fan belt, fuel pump, spark plugs, points, and more.
• Computer speakers attached to front dash, for use with iPod/mp3 player or laptop.
• Driving maps for Peru and Chile. We can also give you Garmin software to load on a laptop, which includes maps for Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Argentina, all with extensive waypoints for camping spots, gas stations, etc. If you surf, we can give you directions to some incredible surf spots in Chile and Peru.
• Two fire extinguishers.
• Full-sized spare tire.
• Simple surfboard-mounting system on inside of car, can fit two shortboards.
• Two hanging storage systems with lots of pockets (they hang on the backs of the front seats).
• We also have the original rear seat, which can be easily bolted back inside, in place of the storage box/bed. It’s currently in storage at the South American Explorers Club in Lima.

Price: $6,000 US.

We’re selling the Kombi to continue the next leg of our trip in Africa. Driving around Peru and Chile in a Kombi has saved us a lot of money on accommodation and food, and given us access to many places and experiences we would never have found without our own live-in transportation. We will miss her, and we guarantee that you’ll get attached, too.

If you’re interested, please email delphinef at gmail.

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  1. Uncle T permalink
    July 17, 2012 6:23 pm

    I’ll buy it.
    Uncle t


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