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November 1, 2011

Today and tomorrow are the Mexican Day of the Dead, when everyone celebrates and remembers the lives of those close to them who have passed away. There are no celebrations going on here in our neighborhood of La Punta, because there are no cemeteries here; the celebrations are mostly occurring at the cemeteries in the main town area. There are small shrines arranged in public places, though, and chocolate skulls at the local fine-chocolate store:



We went to a Halloween party at one of the local restaurant/bars on Sunday night. Costumes were mandatory. Michael dressed as a palm tree, gamely making his crutches part of the costume (including two baby coconuts hanging from the crutch on the left!), and I was a hula girl:



We didn’t win the costume contest, but we had fun and drank a little mezcal.

Our sweet and generous hosts, Kim and Robert, who own the house where our apartment is located, were instrumental in helping us with our costumes. Robert is a woodworker with tons of tools that we used to saw and drill holes in the coconuts I used for my bra, and they provided me with a sewing kit to make the grass skirt. We hijacked Michael’s palm fronds and the frangipani and bougainvillea flowers from Kim and Robert’s garden.

They took us to a cool little roadside stand a few days ago, that serves something called tepache: fermented pineapple juice. It was sort of like a pineapple-flavored kombucha. Someone should start making it in New York, it would be a hit with the crowd that’s into kombucha. The owner of the stand gave us a complimentary pineapple once we were done with our drinks. Here are Michael, Kim and Robert enjoying the cold drink in the hot sun:



The waves have been pretty non-existent over the weekend, which is better for Michael’s morale. Last week brought some good waves (photos below), and there should be some on the way starting tomorrow. Today some forerunners of the swell showed through, but the waits were long between sets.




Luckily, Michael has a cute, tiny gecko friend to keep him company in the apartment. We’ve named him Gonzalo, and he lives in one of the top corners of our studio. He’s the smallest, cutest gecko I’ve ever seen.



We’ve seen a lot of other cool wildlife, too:







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  1. November 6, 2011 9:55 pm

    I know the rabbit’s for me. I just know it. Viva el conejo!

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